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Marika Waterston Boo
A  book of devotions with over 80 paintings with their meanings and scriptures.

So many people who experience Marika's art, love and appreciate the vision and meaning behind the paintings themselves.

When Marika painted a picture for someone or sold one of her paintings to someone, she would always write a beautiful 'letter' describing the meaning and inspiration behind the image she had painted.

Marika spent so much time and effort with those 'letters', that we have decided to compile them into a devotional book where everyone can experience her art in a deeper, more intimate way.

We can now all enjoy the powerful words, meanings and explanations that inspired her remarkable paintings and that was her passion and motivation as an artist.

Over 80 visuals of her paintings with their 'words' or 'letters' are showcased in this beautiful coffee table book.

I want to be the first to know when the book will be available.

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